Re: Married College Girl Bambi Erin- w4m

Married college cirl, Bambi Erin, hit’s people up on craigslist. If you get these emails then you’ll get a lot of links in your email. You’ll see places like,, or popping up all over the place. Mostly, it’s a scam to trick you into entering your credit card for verification or Read More

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I have an idea and hope you will also agree with me. This Hookup Girl emails you with a link to and she, obviously wants to fuck. She says that you don’t need a credit card but that is just a lie to get you interested. If you click the link then you will Read More

No Credit Card Required. Just put your email.

If required cc for join then use my card. "You Don’t share this CC card number for any reason.", she says. It really doesn’t matter if you use it or not because the card number is fake. The trick is that once you use the fake car number that the girl supposedly sent you, it Read More

Is it safe to use Credit Card Number talk to Joyce C. Blankenship?

Joyce C. Blankenship

Is it safe to use Credit Card Number 9808 1100 0233 1457 CVV 338 to talk to that girl,Joyce C. Blankenship, from You get an email from a woman that looks like she was on craigslist. Maybe she wants fun & sexual company, desperately, because she has sent her credit card info so you Read More

Does Love Going On Adventures And Being Outdoorsy?

Is this really Looking for a male or female to hangout with? Ashley’s email seems down to earth, mostly… It’s a shame because this sweet girl doesn’t even exist. Her emails are simply an attempt to scam you out of some cash while giving you nothing in return. Hopefully you found this page and Read More

I am still waiting for your phone CALL/TEXT

Clara Wilcox hunts for horny suckers on craigslist. Have you been exchanging emails with Clara Wilcox <> and wonder what is gong on? Your search for her has brought you her to find out that she is just another scam. You click on one of the links in her emails and you wind up at Read More