I am still waiting for your phone CALL/TEXT

Clara Wilcox hunts for horny suckers on craigslist.

Have you been exchanging emails with Clara Wilcox <ilovensanight26@seekinglocalnsa.com> and wonder what is gong on? Your search for her has brought you her to find out that she is just another scam. You click on one of the links in her emails and you wind up at sites like securelovegirl.com/clara. The premise is that you should verify that you are safe to have sex with by entering your credit card info, all for free, and then Clara meets up with you for sex. Does that seem strange to you? If so then you aren’t a sucker and that is good. If not then you might have missed this part in the fine print:

If dudes enjoy trolling for horny ladies on the web for sure people should be aware of what this says…

Clara Wilcox

By joining, you become a Subscriber and are entering into a binding and enforceable contract with Halsey Investments Ltd, 2 BEVERLEY GARDENS, CONSETT COUNTY DURHAM DH8 5ND, UK, doing business as, WebCamsBuffet.com

Trial Memberships will renew automatically to a one-month membership at the end of the Trial Period and will be billed at the rate of $39.95/month unless cancelled in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This agreement is subject to change at any time, and changes may be effective without notice upon each Subscriber.

Can you believe that? Yeah, you just dodged a big one…

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Clara Wilcox

This is a example email in response to a personal ad made on Craig’s list:

from: Clara Wilcox pinkbabe_210@realdate.online
subject: Re: Are you out there? – w4m

I would like to meet a guy to have a no strings relationship.

I live by myself so I am able to host you.

if interested then write back with a pic & some information about you.



from: Clara Wilcox <ilovensanight26@seekinglocalnsa.com>
subject: Re: Are you out there? – w4m

Same nice here . I’m Clara Wilcox (sorry this is my real name, for Secrecy I don’t use in my add) . I’m 24 yrs old and I don’t want to give out any of my personal information over email too. Omg it was horrible, some people would not stop texting me the creepiest things I wanted to cry. You seem like an alright, otherwise i wouldn’t normally but I sent you a nudie pic!! teehee …Can we meet tonight or maybe this week ? I’m pretty much home whenever, don’t have a job lol. Whats your address ?

1_1_2_DSCi_09 (12).jpg1_1_2_DSCi_09 (12)


from: Clara Wilcox <ilovensanight26@seekinglocalnsa.com>
subject: Re: Are you out there? – w4m

Bob Did you get my earlier mail? I didn’t heard anything from you yet hun. Join Now (http://brovery.com/reipnfw/esha (http://www.milfsconnection.com))

Still waiting for your reply.

1_1_1_DSCi_09 (15).jpg1_1_1_DSCi_09 (15)


from: Clara Wilcox <ilovensanight26@seekinglocalnsa.com>
subject: Re: Are you out there? – w4m

Hi Bob, I am still waiting for your phone CALL/TEXT. Are you willing to meet me then please check my FREE JOIN (http://cpafull.go2cloud.org/ (http://www.localcheaters.com/)) There is no CC verification here, only your email verification. Then we can meet for further decision, okay??

Hurry up…………..

1_1_2_DSCi_09 (2).jpg1_1_2_DSCi_09 (2)


from: Clara Wilcox <ilovensanight26@seekinglocalnsa.com>
subject: Re: Are you out there? – w4m

You know Bob?, its so difficult to find someone normal on here lol ! i have encountered some really creepy guys haha. heres another pic for you:) can you send me something sexy?I wish that we could do something tonight! I’ve literally been stuck at home with my grandma and I’m going crazy:( I also need to get laid haha.I have a Profile Here (http://securelovegirl.com/clara (secure.exposedhardcoresluts.com))

If you have leisure time then you can join me first! I sent you a open invite to watch and it will load right on your phone if you are in mobile:. I could really use some company tonight babe at least come check it out for me:)

1_1_3_DSCi_09 (13).jpg1_1_3_DSCi_09 (13)

The emails are simply junk messages and should be trashed.

We do not that you do business with places that are sent via trash mails. The majority of them are total scams anyway. Try these pages about the these most trusted sexy meeting pages and you will get laid a lot more.


  1. Beezo88 says:

    Ready for alot of fun together.hit me up.ready whenever.

  2. Beezo88 says:

    I can come over there or I can give you the address if you’re interested

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