Meet anytime basically I’m free this week, Amelia White or Alessia Gia

Amelia White

Amelia White isn’t your typical Craigslist Airforce girl.

Or, maybe she is with all things considering. If you end up following the links that are sent in Amelia White’s emails then you might end up putting your credit card info into a form on a page with her profile but there is a big secret waiting for you…

If you want to have fun with trolling for pussy on Craigs com dating ads for sure you really need to be aware of more of this…

What you do see is her pretty picture and some more info to fool you with.

Alessia Gia AIR FORCE
Name: Amelia White
Age: Verified!,Female
Height: 5′ 7″
Body Type: Curvy(32-26-32)
Hair Color: Black
Position: BJ(69),Anal, Oral,Interest New Style
Phone Number: () XXX-5477 Verify to View!
Location:() 4 Km Away From Your Location Verify to View!

Personal Message

Invitation From: Alessia Gia

Thanks for checking me out, I’m really glad you found me! I need someone to make me laugh and can please me when I’m ready for it. I’m looking for a guy to show me some sensual fun, without being too serious. I’m open and looking to try new things, so feel free to ask if you have fetishes. I want to explore with someone new so come see me inside!

Alessia Gia
Alessia GiaAlessia Gia
Alessia Gia air force

This member has requested that after you verify you
are able to contact her via the following methods:

Home Phone Number
Home Address

Cell Phone Number

AOL Screen Name

Personal Email

YIM Screen Name

Work Email Address
MSN Screen Name

The part you miss is the scam where you lose $39.99 and are signed up to a bunch of stuff you never heard of…

By pressing ‘GET FULL ACCESS FREE NOW’, I certify that I have read and agree to the complete terms of membership and billing and that the card entered above is my credit card. Your access to RiskyLoveAffairs includes a 2 day free trial promo to Kisses For Him. If you choose to remain a member of Kisses For Him beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Your membership to RiskyLoveAffairs will be Free for Lifetime. You will also receive a free membership to Uberhorny. I affirm that I am at least 18 years old and I understand that this site is for adult entertainment purposes only, agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy the use and nature of EliteFlirts, and terms of billing. You have chosen access for 1 day using our promotional trial offer charged at one dollar and eighty seven cents. If you choose to remain a member you will be billed thirty four dollars and ninety five cents monthly until cancelled.
This charge will appear on your cardholder statement as ‘PEEKWWW.COM

Can you believe that?

Amelia White probably isn’t in the Air Force either but who cares anymore

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Amelia White

Example mail in response to one of these personals ads put on Craigslist:

subject: Hoping to find a guy in the same situation. :) – w4m

I’m still looking baby, are you looking for same company and a amazing time come over,i know a place , want to meet me there? only text if your serious : manaliken178(at)y..a..h..o..o.c..o..m


subject: RE: Hoping to find a guy in the same situation. :) – w4m

“Hey Bob;
Thanks for reply my ad. I am Amelia White 24 years working now Air force and this week no work. (sorry for another name use for my privacy hope you understand). I’m local young sexy girl. Not sure who are you? I’m searching a guy who can help me for fun and Satisfy me on my bed. If you can do this then reply me with your location.
I send my pic hope When you answer please remember a picture of yourself.

Amelia White”

Alessia Gia AIR FORCEuo0kmmqm7tcr.jpg

Alessia Gia AIR FORCEae9zybmfohvt.jpg


subject: RE: Hoping to find a guy in the same situation. :) – w4m

“Hello BobHard .Gonna send you my another pics hope you send me one and just wanna some safe fun now maybe we can meet for drink or dinner if you search same reply me .Oh I can host also.

Alessia Gia AIR FORCEfo79vdoj2jxw.jpg

Alessia Gia AIR FORCE6igvs7dhtd1u.jpg


Alessia Gia AIR FORCEt3oco3mwlrmx.jpg


subject: RE: Hoping to find a guy in the same situation. :) – w4m

“Yeah we can meet anytime basically I’m free this week all days no schudle this week .. you can call me if you want. Just to be on the safe side I need protection..bring a condom yes and also I need you to verify your identity for me. I’m using a service which I saw on the news a couple weeks ago – its just gonna check your background for 20 seconds and make sure there’s nothing crazy in there (sex offender or violence) before giving you my number and address. Its free and if you have nothing to hide you can take a sec to do this and then call me and get over here..and bring the condom too.
The site I’m using is this one you can do the whole thing free and they are the only company which the news said was accredited.
I will wait for your call.I hope you won’t keep me waiting here AND YOU FULL NAME WHICE I SEE MY MAIL Bob Hard.

Send from my iPhone”

Amelia White o3ycqb05qvbf.jpg

Alessia Gia AIR FORCE6igvs7dhtd1u.jpg

Alessia Gia AIR FORCE9eaabottof6h.jpg

Alessia Gia AIR FORCEt3oco3mwlrmx.jpg

Those messages are spam messages and can be trashed.

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  1. Manojg says:

    Hi, i am man. My name manoj. i like ur hot beauty poto’s. Your very sw3t girl. Pls friend me. Reply me pls. Ok

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