If you want to meet me :Come Here

I have an idea and hope you will also agree with me.

This Hookup Girl emails you with a link to www.casualdate.ga and she, obviously wants to fuck. She says that you don’t need a credit card but that is just a lie to get you interested. If you click the link then you will wind up at www.sensualmatches.com, FreeHookupSearch.Com or HookupGirlfriends.Com. They say that you need to enter you credit card info to verify your age but there is more to it.

If horny guys like to go booty hunting on CL casual sex ads then you really ought to be aware of what this is about…


www.sensualmatches.com, FreeHookupSearch.Com and HookupGirlfriends.Com are www.datetronix.com sites. beside using bots to trick guys into thinking that there are actually real women on these fake sites, there is a bit of fine print that guys don’t notice when they put in their credit card numbers:

(**) includes a free 2 day trial promo to ‘HookupGirlFriends.com GOLD’ renewing to $39.95/monthly, unless cancelled. Your free lifetime access to HookupGirlFriends.com remains active even if you cancel your HookupGirlFriends.com GOLD membership.

+ VIP Membership Includes The Following Offers:
• Mobile Access
• Top Listing + Featured Profile
• 18Passport.com – FREE 10 Day Access renews at $35.71 per month thereafter until cancelled.
• XVideoBase.com – FREE 7 Day Access renews at $36.12 per month thereafter until cancelled.

If you missed that then you probably missed this too:

"SEPTEMBERBILL.COM" will appear on your credit card statement. You may cancel your membership at any time by visiting our support center at: http://www.septemberbill.com/ or, contact customer service at: Toll-Free 1-877-546-4391 (International +1-877-546-4391


We hope that you didn’t fall for it….

Tons of the sexy posts on CL dating personals really are ass-holes, hustling men and to take piles of their money. Only a few of them are legit women looking for your cock. This’s why to also need more methods for getting some casual sex or women from the internet. You probably know about a number of spam filled sex dating web sites on the internet that you know are scams and you would try to avoid. Smart men can find these true casual sex places that are online. All the time, you find lots more fake posts posted to craigs list casual sex ads along with lost of new spammy casual sex sites loaded on the internet. Steer clear of those sort of crap if you can and stick with some of these trusted internet dating applications and you will have much better results.


This is an sample message in response to an ad made on craigs list:

from: Hookup Girl <bm@justinvitehome.com>
subject: MY pussy open for your hard cock

Hi baby,

Are you tired for looking real dating
partner like me????

true that now most of the people are not serious with each other.

I have an idea and hope you will also agree with me.

I’ve joined in a F~~~~ R~~~E~~~~E site where you can get me after put up
your email only.

If you want to meet me :Come Here. http://www.casualdate.ga/

It is F~~~~ R~~~E~~~~E and no need any CC.

just join with your email. then we will start. I am waiting




These mails are obviously junk mails and should be ignored.

We do not recommend that you click on websites that are pushed through spam mails. Just about all of them are spam anyhow. check out these pages about the the most trusted sexual dating sites and you will have much better results.


  1. henry says:

    I can fuck close to one hour am so hot.+[phone number removed]

  2. Levi says:

    Looking to have sex

  3. Levi says:

    Looking to have sex

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