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We are a couple that met each other online, enjoy our sex life to the fullest and want to help others to achieve the same success. We enjoy each other, very much, and we also date and have sex with other people. We have been to nude pool parties, swinger parties, BDSM play parties and other events. We have our own get togethers for 3sums, 4sums and such. We have been through the process of searching for new partners for our enjoyment many times and have a lot to share about it.

We feature, on www.thiscouple.com, reviews of places we have successfully found partners, examples of the spam/scams that you will run into online and other fun things we find interesting. We only recommend places that we have personally found to be worth joining. We post examples of spams, scams and junk emails to help our readers avoid giving their credit card numbers to age verification scams, bogus web sites and other scammers. We also post some articles to help our readers to find the successful erotic encounters that they are looking for.

We hope you will not be too shy to give your feedback in the comments and will enjoy your visit to our site.

-www.thiscouple.com ( Yes, we used to be clistdating.com. )

Update: 2011.01.22

We see questions like "where did clistdating.com go", "what happened to clistdating.com" and "where is clistdating.com now". You may also notice that come of out older comments have "clistdating" as the author. That is because we moved from one web host to another AND we also changed domain names. Something went wrong in forwarding the other domain here but we haven't botherd to fix it. We also have not restored some of the older versions of the site. We really just want to move forward with what we are doing with the site right now and put our efforts into that.


  1. Anonymous007 says:

    I don’t know if any of these sites are legit or not because I have tried some sites like megafuck.com, swipehotties.com, simplycheaters.com, uberhorny.com, cheatingcourgars.com, blackfling.com, and snapsext.com but it seems like all these sites just have women on their that just want to do it in cyber space and what I would like is the real thing not this cyber space bullshit so hopefully an admin or someone on this site will respond back and let me know if the sites that are being claimed on here are in fact real and will actually lead to me getting laid please don’t hesitate let me know because I would love to get laid before I die of how flaky some people are on the internet. Enough said.

  2. Jared says:

    I wanna try it slow but I’m willing to give you all my affection and all of my dick

  3. gurjeet says:

    plese contact me for friend ship or sex [phone number removed]

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