Counting your blessings

That Thanksgiving holiday is here again and many people will take time to express thanks while eating their dinner this Thursday. That is a good thing and I won't knock that at all; it is important to me, though, to do this each day of the year. Maybe not so much, giving thanks, but something Read More

Avoiding scams

All of us can lose focus and ignore common sense when we are horny. Scammers and con artists know this and use this to thier advantage every day. In fact, this is WHY there are so many spam posts, profiles and messages in the online dating world, particualrly Craigslist. Horney guys and girls(they get scammed Read More

Haste makes waste

Wanting something too much can be why you won't ever get it, so relax a little bit and don't try to be in a hurry. People that want to play and have fun, typically are attracted to like minded people. Remember the saying, "haste makes waste"?; That is a great thing to remember because you Read More