Is it safe to use Credit Card Number talk to Joyce C. Blankenship?

Joyce C. Blankenship

Is it safe to use Credit Card Number 9808 1100 0233 1457 CVV 338 to talk to that girl,Joyce C. Blankenship, from

You get an email from a woman that looks like she was on craigslist. Maybe she wants fun & sexual company, desperately, because she has sent her credit card info so you don’t have to spend any money. I you were to follow the links then you would wind up at but that is just front page to try to get you to sign up to If you use the fake credit card number that was in the email then it will fail since it’s, well, fake. The hope is that you will be dumb enough to enter your own card number and that you’l miss the fine print.

Whenever you are booty hunting online, you need to know more how these scams work so you can avoid them…

This is what you do see:

Free Lifetime Memberships are $0.00 – No Charge!
A valid credit card is required for age verification to activate your FREE account

But this is what you probably miss:

Any charges made to your credit card will appear under ‘CTRLSTAFF.COM’.

Please upgrade me to a VIP Membership +

(**) includes a free 2 day trial promo to FreeLifetimeFuckbook-GOLD renewing to $49.95/monthly, unless cancelled. Your free lifetime access to FreeLifetimeFuckbook remains active even if you cancel your FreeLifetimeFuckbook-GOLD membership.
+ VIP Membership Includes The Following Offers:
– Upgrades: Mobile Access + Featured Profile + Unlimited Access To – 2 Day Trial @ $1.96, renews to $39.61/monthly, unless cancelled.
– – 3 Weeks Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $28.87/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled.

Just about 95% of the sexualy active women on Clist personals are grifters hussling to trick horny guys and scam them out of too much of thier money. Very little of them are truely hot hotties needing sexual relations. That is why it really pays off to rely on more trustable methods used for searching for booty or ladies with the internet. You probably have seen the these spam filled hookup sites are just tricks that you want to never click on. Smart men know where the legit casual sex websites are seen online. All the time there’s more of these fake profiles uploaded to CL casual encounters and plenty of new crappy casual sex places launched on the web. Steer clear of that type of crap at all cost and register with a few of these trusted dating sites and you’ll have a lot more sex.

Sample message followed up from a personal posting posted to Craigslist:

from: Joyce C. Blankenship <>
subject: The real girl for you…….

Are you still free now and interests for dating a free girl. I need you as soon as possible for fun & sexual company.So try this link
Its full free, No Credit Card Required. Just put your email . if required cc for join then use my card.
Credit Card Number 9808 1100 0233 1457
CVV 338
Expiration Date 10/21
I am alltime online here. after join please send your user ID and cell number ,I will find you now.




These emails are spammy mails and can be deleted.

We do not recommend that you get tricked by websites that are plugged using spam emails. Just about all of these emails are cons anyhow. Try a list of the best online dating sites and you’ll have much better results.

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