Does Love Going On Adventures And Being Outdoorsy?

Is this really Looking for a male or female to hangout with?

Ashley’s email seems down to earth, mostly… It’s a shame because this sweet girl doesn’t even exist. Her emails are simply an attempt to scam you out of some cash while giving you nothing in return. Hopefully you found this page and learned about "Ashley’s" fake credit card number and didn’t get tricked.

If any of you horny folks that like dating on the internet – especially horny men with credit cards – then you should understand this stuff before you get popped…

Most of the so called sexy ladies on Clist hook up personals wind up being fakes working tricking desperate men and scam them out of lots of thier $$$. Not many of the ads end up being legit females that are actually looking for you. That’s why men know they should rely on other ways used when searching for play partners or honest hotties from your computer. We have noticed boat loads of crappy sex dating places being advertised online, that are also simply tricks that you’ll want to avoid. We can also find these actual genuine casual sex places that you can join on the web. Every day there’s lots more fake profiles uploaded to Craigslist personal ads plus lost of fresh fake hookup web sites placed on to the web. Stay away from that type of crap as best as you can and only use the successful dating places and you will have much more sex.

Why would she trust you with her credit card number? And what does it have to do with The credit card number is fake and just a decoy. The hope is that when you are desperately trying to hook up with Ashley you will click on the link in the email. From there you end up on where you will see a form where you can signup. The site is just big scam with a lot of automated "fantasy cuties". You probably don’t notice this part:

By proceeding, I acknowledge that Fantasy Cuties are member profiles operated by independent contractors hired by the site and are provided for your entertainment pleasure and to enhance online companionship but which may interact with users to encourage broader participation but will not result in a date or meeting. Fantasy Cuties status is denoted with a yellow star:

If you try the fake card number it won’t work. They hope you’ll be so desperate that you’ll put in your own credit card number. Then you get screwed. No sex, but really fucked.

This is a example message in response to one of those personals posts made on

subject: meet new people

Looking for a male or female to hangout with meet new people just moved here haven’t met any friends. Love going on adventures and being outdoorsy. Also love country music and such interested going we fest and exploring mn let me know if interested.

No Credit Card Required. Just put your email.if required cc for join then use my card.
5298 3590 7464 9641






Those emails are simply junk emails and should be thrown away.

We don’t suggest that you do business with pages that are plugged using spam mails. Many of them are just cons, ya know. Check out this list of the most trusted online hook up places and you’ll get laid a lot more.

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