Haste makes waste

Wanting something too much can be why you won't ever get it, so relax a little bit and don't try to be in a hurry. People that want to play and have fun, typically are attracted to like minded people. Remember the saying, "haste makes waste"?; That is a great thing to remember because you will end up losing many great chances to have a good time if you are too pushy. If you can just go with the flow, let things come to you and be a source of attraction then other people looking for fun will come your way.

You want to let people know you are available and, while you are eager to show them a good time, not come off like a pushy, demanding or desperate loser. Many of you know these things and still end up doing just that sort of thing because your patience is lost so quickly and so you do things in some attempt to get what you want that ends up pushing what you want further away.

Be patient when you are waiting for a reply from someone you have responded to and don't send too many messages; one was enough; wait for a reply. Imagine that if you saw a post and wanted to respond then there is a good chance that many others will have sent a message too. If you don't get a message back then why blow your chance to be at the top of the list the next time by doing something that will put you at the bottom of the list permanently. Sending further correspondence, beyond the first one, without being invited to do so, looks pushy because it is pushy. That also gives the impression that you are demanding and that you expect more from others than you are willing to give. Further still, if you can avoid seeming too pushy with additional messages, you will still be seen as desperate by many and that begs them to wonder why you are so desperate. "What is wrong with you", people will ask and then realize that it doesn't matter what the reason is. Having some patience will help you to show that you are an easy going, relaxed and respectable person worth contacting later if the occasion arises.

If you are going to be able to hook up with other people then you need to take care to have your affairs in order such that some situation that you could have avoided won't stop you from having a great time. If you have children then make sure you can get a sitter before you try to set up an encounter. If you don't have a car then make sure you have a ride of some sort before you even begin to read ads or post your own. If you are coming down with the flu, you have an injury or some other thing exists that will prevent you from being able to meet someone then there isn't much point in trying to set something up at the present moment because you aren't going to be able to follow through anyway. Trying to meet people when you can't isn't going to result in any pleasure for you or anyone you end up disappointing. Just chill out and get your things right so you can enjoy yourself and you will have a much better chance of doing just that.

It is a pretty simple concept that you are learning here; Relax and avoid hasty decisions. If you can take your time to do things more carefully then you will be more successful in the long run. Sure you need to act fast in order to get the attention of that hot date but if you have some problem standing in you way then that will need attention first.

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