Avoiding scams

All of us can lose focus and ignore common sense when we are horny. Scammers and con artists know this and use this to thier advantage every day. In fact, this is WHY there are so many spam posts, profiles and messages in the online dating world, particualrly Craigslist. Horney guys and girls(they get scammed too) combined with free and easy means to comunicate make it easy to lure in suckers. We all want to believe that that post or the sexy message we just recieved was from a lusty female that is ready to jump our bones. Sometimes they are (and ummmm, ummmm, getting laid with some new partner is allways an exciting adventure) but most of the time they are NOT and we don't want to waste our time with those. There are a few clues we can use to sort them out and it doesn't take a lot of thinking. Let's talk about the basic things you need to know if you want to avoid wasting your time or being scammed.

Some women will pose as legitimate posters but the real purpose of thier interaction with you is to get you to join thier webcam site. Most of these will send you a instant messanger screen name and invite you to join them there. Sometimes thier instant messanger screen will be an automated bot but sometimes there is actually someone on the other side of the chat. Either way, you are just a few messages away from being invited to see her nude, if only you can sign up to some "free"web site that will take your money. They are NOT free and there is no woman that is trying to meet you.
Horny women want you to have sex with them and scammers want your money, mainly through your credit card. Just remembering these two things can save you a LOT of time. Sure, there ARE prostitutes that advertise on Craigslist and other online forums, but most of those ads are fake too and, besides, a lot of the real prostitutes will rip you off just as quick as the scammers. Think for a little bit and you will see that none of the women you have had sex with needed your credit card number before so why start giving it out now. You will get messages, from the posts you reply to, that make some claim about verifying your age, doing some background check or joining up with a site to get pictures and a phone number to contact some sexy woman of your dreams. Some of them will talk about local bars, local businesses or even interesting facts about the local area to gain your trust. ALL of these are scams. Your credit card company can't verify your age to anyone. Your credit card company can't verify your identity to anyone. Your credit card company can't supply any of the info that these scammers claim to need before meeting you. When you sign up for "free" age verification, "free" identity verification, "free" background checks or any other so called "free" personal sites, the only thing that is going to happen is that you will get charges on your card. That's it. If you have fell victim to this, please post something about your experience in the comments, below, and tell how much you were charged.
You can apply these facts for yourself, but the bottom line is easy to see. If you get a message with a link to a website, another email address or an instant messager screen name just delete it and move on. You will waste less time, not lose your money and you can spend your efforts on the REAL women that really DO want to haxe sex. Please share any experiences you have had with being ripped off, below, so we can learn from you experiences.

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  1. swanshadowrider says:

    A no frills helpful article, thanks! Now whats up with some of the ads on your site….promoted by you or what. Another thing…some of these post’s are seemingly people writing to each other rather then commenting on the topic, whats the deal with that?

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