Counting your blessings

That Thanksgiving holiday is here again and many people will take time to express thanks while eating their dinner this Thursday. That is a good thing and I won't knock that at all; it is important to me, though, to do this each day of the year. Maybe not so much, giving thanks, but something more like "counting my blessings" or just thinking about how lucky I am. Like everyone else, I face challenges and difficulties every day but it seems that no matter what, I can always find a bright side to things because I know how lucky I am just to be alive in this world. This is an attitude that I have and it helps me in all things that I do. It helps a LOT in the dating world too.

If you begin each day by thinking about the things you feel thankful, happy or lucky for then it is easier to have a good attitude. It may seem silly to a few people but being happy, having a good attitude and showing that to the people you want to be with every day, will help you get laid. Honestly, it will help you in anything you do, but particularly with attracting other people. Just imagine someone you think is hot but all they do is complain about things and act crappy. Now, imagine that they are feeling great and acting like they are. If these were two different people then you would probably be much more attracted to the happy one. The same applies to you from other people's perspective.

Having a good attitude is very important to anything you do, including getting laid. Your attitude affects the choices you make when writing an email, how you speak to people and your chances of success. If you are having a bad attitude and acting like you are then other people pick up on that and avoid you. On the other hand, if you are having a good attitude then people will pick up on that and want to be with you. Before you write an email, call someone or put up a profile on a dating site, make sure that you are coming from a good place that someone else would want to be and you WILL have much more success.

A good way to help yourself maintain a good attitude all the time is to start each day thinking about what your are thankful for, happy about and lucky to have. Count your blessings and give thanks for what you already have all the time and you will get more out of your dating experience.

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