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Emails that use Ez.com to send you to www.getflirting.com: Shena Queen, Hiedi Miyares and Jeannine Mawhorter send examples of these emails where you get a slightly messed up picture in an email with a link from Ez.com. The url shortner sends you to www.getflirting.com Whenever you like trying to hookup online then men ought to know about the following…

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http://bit.ly/ZvHj3c redirects to http://www.date-secure.com/member/901882.php for www.FoxyDaters.com Emails like the one from Kennedy Harrington are common responses to craigslist ads and are easy to figure out. First, you have to copy and paste an email address that is shown in the first email. Then you get a link to a url shortener, bit.ly. This redirects to www.date-secure.com where you see a form that says, “Fill this form out for quick access:”….

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Nixie Le seems like she is ready to get laid and needs it really bad. The only problem you might have with her is that she doesn’t really exist. Yeah, the emails are just advertizements for www.socialsex.com. She says that she want’t an older man to unwind with and enjoy some physical playtime but the link takes you to a run down dating site that isn’t worht clicking on. At…

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pages like www.safe-nsa-hookup.com with the www.foxydaters.com form for collecting your info are pretty common Verification pages like www.safe-nsa-hookup.com with the www.foxydaters.com form for collecting your info are pretty common things to see when dating on craigslist but beware because they are scams intending on taking your $. Angela angela@privatelivingroom.com sends these emails to get you horny so that you don;t think right. Before you know it you’ve given your credit…

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About alex@xmailz.com and alexandxxx@yahoo.com from hookupwithmailz.com If you are on your way to meet alex@xmailz.com or alexandxxx@yahoo.com then you had better know a few things before you fuck her. After responding to the message with the picture that says, “email me at alexandxxx@yahoo.com – i wont respond to anything else!!! luv <3”, the link in her next email redirects from hookupwithmailz.com to www.amateurmatch.com. This is a common ploy used to…

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Mellisa maria.aleena@inbox.com wants to give you her number We’ve seen and heard from Maria Aleena before a few times but this might be your first time. If you troll for booty on CL much then you see here again and again because these emails are simply spam. She is just a made up trick used to try to trick horny guys into signing up to scammy dating sites. Whenever you…

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