Have you verified with www.date-secure.com to have sex with her yet?

bit.ly, www.date-secure.com, www.FoxyDaters.com,Kennedy Harrington, Allison Castillo, harringtonkennedy265@yahoo.com,hayoo

CraigSecure + www.date-secure.com + www.foxydaters.com = what?

It’s fun to troll for strange pussy on craigslist casual encounters when it seems like there isn’t any casual sex withing 10 miles. You do need to know a few things first, though.

These sites, like CraigSecure, are copied and pasted to many domains like www.date-secure.com and then included in emails to guys looking for some casual sexual encounters. These emails are not from the super horny women that they first appear to be from. They are all part of a trick to get your credit card # while you are horny and confused. There is a form on the page that is served from www.foxydaters.com under the pretense that you are, some how, using your credit card number to verify that you are ok to have sex with. Think about that for a few moments and let that sink into your brain. Yeah, so it’s just a scam and can cost you a lot of money and you won’t get laid.

If ever you enjoy dating on the web then you need to be aware of this…

bit.ly + www.date-secure.com = ?

A url shortner, bit.ly in this case, is used to hide the the link goes to www.date-secure.com. They use that technique to help get around the filters that craigslist and email providres use to cut down on spam. As soon as the websites figure out how to fight that, they’ll figure out something else. They always do…

About every one of the sexy posts on Clist dating ads are spammers working to trick desperate guys and take too much of their credit cards. hardly any of them turn out to be real hot gals wanting real guys. That’s why you want to to use some better ways that are helpful for finding some sexy women or hot girls on the web. We know of a lot of junky casual sex places everywhere that are also simply junk you would try to avoid. Smart guys know of these true hook up places that can be found on the web. Every day there’s more of these scammy postings uploaded to Craig’s list casual encounters and lost of fresh crappy casual sex applications launched on places like that. Don’t click on that junk if you can and join up with a few of these legitimate hookup places and you will get laid a lot more.

This is a example email followed up from one of those personals profiles uploaded to Craigs org. Notice how the first email uses your own eagerness to get you to reply back to a different email address to avoid using the proxy address that craigslist shileds it usesr with. Then, when they send you a link in the next email, craigslist’s servers wont be able to filter it.

from: Maya Ball
subject: re: Want to feel you inside of me

I am a 20 year old intelligent, attractive, and funny recently separated gal. (I managed to get a lot of description in that sentence!) I really would like to explore joyful sexuality with someone who is trustworthy– of course– funny, intelligent, vibrant, and preferably somewhat hot (!) (I just have to be honest.) I live a few hours north of the city, and what I’m envisioning is, once a contact and connection is made, meeting up in beautiful places in between our respective homes and extracting fun and pleasure out of life :adventures, playing, laughing. . . Not sure if this is even possible, but thought I’d put it out there. Here is my email if you are interested baileycarrillo769 @ yjhoo And hey, please use Fuschia in front of the subject it’s the best color :) Thank you, Can’t wait to know more about you

Now that you’ve bypassed the proxy for them, you get an email back with the bit.ly link. If you click there then you are taken to www.date-secure.com.

from: Bailey Carrillo baileycarrillo769@yahoo.com
subject: re: Want to feel you inside of me

I just received yer email, apologies if you sent it awhile ago it landed in my junkbox. I am interested in your post for real I really feel like we’ll get along.br />
Just interested in knowing if you have wound up meeting up with anyone thru Craigs successfully? I have, however have had a few crappy meets unluckily. But I have been screening who I want to meet through this url (http://bit.ly/17KCOw9) for about 4 months to keep out the riff raff and it has worked for me so far.br />
So if you wanna take a look at my photos over there and check to see if I am yer what you’re looking for we will go from there. It will be a lot quicker if you just txt or give a call when you verify so I don’t miss your e-mail plus I am not sure how much longer I am going to be at my laptop.

The emails are spammy mails and should be trashed.

We do not recommend that you click on pages that are sent via junk messages. Many of them turn out to be scams you know. Try these pages about the some most trusted adult hook up pages and you’ll have much better results.

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