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Nixie Le seems like she is ready to get laid and needs it really bad. The only problem you might have with her is that she doesn’t really exist. Yeah, the emails are just advertizements for www.socialsex.com. She says that she want’t an older man to unwind with and enjoy some physical playtime but the link takes you to a run down dating site that isn’t worht clicking on. At least you didn’t get fooled this time.

Most of these casual encounter postings on Craig’s list casual sex ads and places like back pages wind up being spammers seeking to trick men and take lots of their cash. Only a few of them end up being true decent woman trying to find someone to fuck.

That is why it’s a good idea to also use more ways used for finding some play partners or honest hotties on the web. You may have noticed gobs of fake adult dating sites everywhere that you know are scams that you’ll try to avoid. Smart men know about the trusted casual sex sites that can be found on the web. Just about everyday we find more of these spammy posts made on Craigslist dating personals in addition to several fresh spammy casual sex web sites created on places like that. Don’t click on that crap if you can and only use a few trusted online dating”online hook up places and you will have much better results.

from: Nixie Le
subject: re: really horny slut

This is Mr. Intrigued, you posted you couldn’t e-mail back. I too would like to continue our dialogue and see if we click.

best way to contact me mailto:lenixie@yahoo.com


from: Nixie Le lenixie@yahoo.com
subject: re: really horny slut

I’m glad you really replied to my message.
I’m looking for a powerful and sexual man to unwind with and enjoy some physical playtime.
I am finally away from an extended relationship that was occasionally abusive so Im not considering discovering a brand new long term romantic relationship at this moment.
We could however make this a normal physical arrangement if we find each other exciting.

If you are not at least 25 years old, Im not really interested.
I never have had lots of luck with guys younger than me so you are able to save us trouble and do not respond.
If you are over 25, you are in for a good time! :-D

Please go here – http://www.ezcitydaters.com?=54200429500 (http://www.socialsex.com/dating/freesexandadultfriends)

to take a look at my username that is: “BlondieBabe664” . My cellphone number is on there along with some of my interests and a few extremely personal items about me like preferred sexual postions etc. :).

Call me and lets find out if we believe we’ll have any enjoyable time together.

I hope I hear from you soon.

Ok bye

These emails are obviously trash emails and can be trashed. We do not that you click on places that are sent using junk emails. Many of them are just spam anyway. Try out this list of the best sex dating places and you will get laid a lot more.

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