If your still serious come find me, I am maggie43.

More of this email from Maggie Roberts <neomidhpb@hotmail.com> shows up today. Some place, singlesnets. org, is mentioned a couple of times.

from: Maggie Roberts <neomidhpb@hotmail.com>
to: you
subject: of your personals ad.

whatssup hello, [your name],

I'm assuming your just another one of them fakes because you never did message me at singlesnets. org If your still serious come find me, I am maggie43 there I'd love to go out this evening so please be real and come see me at singlesnets. org ok bye

We do not recommend that you do business with websites that are plugged via junk emails. Many of them are just cons or scams anyway. Try some legitimate casual sex sites instead.


  1. surprise me working girl…..[phone number removed, posting my phone number wont help me find the girl that doesn’t exist…]

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