Smartdate asks us to assist in stopping spammers.

A representative of Smartdate asks us to assist in stopping spammers and we assist. Well, as best as we can:

from: A representative of Smartdate
subject: Smartdate


I work at Smartdate and our website is no adult website.
These ads you're referring are totally forbidden in our affiliation
policy, so I'd appreciate a lot if you could send me a few examples so
that I can check the traffic and take adequate measures.
Please contact me back so that I can move forward with this.

First, let us say that this is the first time we have ever been contacted by a dating site interested in ensuring that their affiliates don't use spam as traffic source. That is really cool.

Ok, so you must have found these posts and here and noticed that I mentioned that they were advertising and The emails shown in the examples appear to have links to "fastfinger .org" "harderblow .org" but the actual links are URL shorteners; and respectively. At this point in time, these lead you to but last week they pointed to where you had 3 links, a "report spam" link to head off folks that are slightly clever, "I am 18 to 35"(taking you to where you would then be redirected to and "35 and older".(taking you to where you are redirected to Both emails were received in the last 2 weeks of February so you might be able to check your logs to see where you got referrals from to track down the affiliate(s) that need to be dealt with. Again, at this point in time, all of those sites mentioned except and redirect you to

That is all the info that we have and we hope it helps. If we see them again then we will let you know right away, and maybe if some visitors to this site see this and also have info then they might leave comments; we'll see. How ever it turns out, thanks for the email and good luck.


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