lara19a, lara4g, Lara11J, lara14r, lara3X, lara8a, and Lara9H are pretty popular this week.

A visitor to the site sends us a question about fishy email that he recieved. We will try to clue this visitor in and maybe some other visitors too:

from: Ben
subject: looking for lara9h

i was emailed this site so i can locate lara9h. i would like to know what is necessary so i can chat with her.

Ben,… REALLY! C'mone, dude, can't you tell that the email you received was a spam? We can see from the searches that folks have done here that there have been quite a bit of "lara"s searched for here in the last few days. lara19a, lara4g, Lara11J, lara14r, lara3X, lara8a, and Lara9H are pretty popular amongst the desperate men lately and that sort of thing usually means that there was some big ration of spam sent to them from these "lara"s. We aren't sure how you wound up here but It probably read like this?:

"Hiya, loved your profile, wanna hook up? I am young and have a perfect body that I want to share with total strangers that I have instantly fallen in love with. My email is acting funny(or some other excuse) but you can get to me by clicking on the link I have included. Don't worry, it is totally free, I have my phone number plastered ALL OVER that site and we will have sex later tonight.".

Is that sort of what you got? If not then share the spam here in the comments section below. Yup, just copy and paste it in so everyone can learn from it

Bottom line, is that you will never chat with lara9h because there is no such person. How is it that you ended up here didn't look around and figure that out?. This site worked and saved you and MANY others from getting scammed, conned or otherwise separated from your money by some crook. Yes, that is right, you are welcome too. Sorry to sound like we are coming down on you but, really, you actually thought the email you got was real?

Online dating sites are full of con artists that are trying to use your desperation, hornyness and eagerness against you. The good news is that my girlfriend, my slave(actually released her last week after 10 months of 24/7 bondage), myself and my friends all get laid from online dating sites all the time. There are plenty of legitimate places and plenty of folks like you that want to get laid. Just watch for the snakes in the grass because they will simply bite you with no mercy as they drain your bank account dry with age verification scams, phony dating sites and so called "free trials".

We wish the best of luck to you and all of our readers but luck alone will not keep you from being scammed. You have to educate yourself to the reality that out of context emails that sound fishy, ARE. What say you? Can you share more more about the so called "lara"s in the comments section below?


  1. thiscouple says:

    Lots of folks looking for lars3x, lars14k, lara9Q, Lara9H, lara9h, lara9e, lara8u, Lara8G, Lara8B, lara8A, Lara7Z, Lara7P, Lara7K, Lara7H, Lara7, lara6k, lara6j, lara5h, lara5h, Lara4N, lara4g, lara4b, lara3x, Lara2U, lara2Q, Lara2H, lara20k, Lara2),LARA1T, lara19y, Lara19U, lara19Q, lara19a, Lara17Y, Lara17B, Lara17A, Lara16T, lara16J, lara14r, lara13s, lara13r, lara12f, Lara11J, Lara11b, lara11a, lara1j, lara thompson, larat1, Lara regis, Lara15 and plain old Lara.

  2. Adenbld says:


  3. josh912 says:

    What’s up Lara8 sorry for the wait beautiful. But my numbers [phone number removed, posting my phone number wont help me find the girl that doesn’t exist…]. Can’t wait to here from u

  4. learningcurve says:

    Hey Happy Couple,
    thanks for the info…..generally, I’m against the “dumbing-down” of information, but in the case of your website, I’m sure that I’m not the only one here who needs you to continue to give plenty of examples…..Even though something is obviously a scam(e.g.
    Lara above)…I personally might have been suckered into it several months ago. I can only say “Thank You” for all of your useful information here. I think that it’s likely that those most ‘at risk for being suckers’ (older, living alone, not completely computer savvy…) are the people who will benefit most from your information. I won’t tell you all of the foolish, costly things I could’ve avoided if I knew what I’ve learned from one hour on your site…..
    Remember…it’s probably never too basic for some of us(unfortunately)…….
    thanks again…learningcurve

    • thiscouple says:

      Thanks a lot! We are very happy when we help folks figure out what they are dealing with.

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