Thanks for the reply…I can’t wait to meet up with you :).

More garbage is sent to us in a junk mail. No pics either…:^(

from: Brooke Smith <>
to: you
subject: Re:

Hey babe,
Thanks for the reply…I can't wait to meet up with you :). All I ask you to do is go to to verify you are real and safe like I already have.
It only takes a minute to complete the check, and when you finish you will be shown my full details page, with my phone number and address. Call my cell when you get it so we can get together soon :)
Btw, If I don't answer for some reason, you can come by tonight or tomorrow night since I'll be around…but you should be able to get a hold of me so we can meet up faster :)


This is just more junk mail.

We do not reccomend that anyone visit these sites.

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