Stop the e-mails or you will face legal action.

A visiter issues us a stern, but mistakenly premised, warning. The message seems to be from someone who, errantly, believes that we are somehow associated with

from: a concerned visitor
subject: stop the e-mails.

When I click on your web site comes up. Stop the e-mails or you will face legal action. I mean it.

Actually, this is not factually correct. Visiting that website doesn't bring up our site. If you searched for in a search engine then you might find our posts entiltled "High sex drive for some kinky hot action." or "Love anything with apocalypse theme and/or zombies" where we expose some spam emails to warn our visiters not to visit any of the or subdomains that are included in junk emails. So, it makes sense that you might have found our site in a search engine but you certianly didn't bring up this website by visiting We aren't sure why you believe otherwise.

Recently we revieved more junk mail like the ones exposed in the posts mentioned above. They look like this:

from: TOSHIA <>
to: you
subject: are you hung and freaky latin stud.

I'm a 23 year old single mother who is in school full time and works part
time. I'm 5'9" a little thick with brown hair to
the middle of my back and dark brown eyes. I moved back to Northern
Virginia last year so that I could get a little
bit more support with my daughter.
I'm looking for a guy between the ages of 24 – 40.
I don't really have a type of guy but I look for guys with genuine
I want someone that can crack jokes and play video games with me, but I
also like for a guy to want to wander
around a mall or a store just to talk and kill some time.
I'm looking for a guy thats stable on his feet, you can still live at home
or roommates or being in school
but I would appreciate you to be all together emotionally.
You can see my profie here:

Here we see another Russian bridal site,, taking the place of We recieved several that were the same but different subdomains:

We do not reccomend that anyone visit these sites.

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