I have read that CL is filled with freaks.

An advertizer for meetagirlsafely.com, an apparent fake dating site, sends us some junk.Some pics, we have seen in other spams, are attached.

from: Soomean Lee <special@nynylove.com>
to: You
subject: Saw Your CL AD, & Seeking Men for Gang Bang!

Hi. There baby, I am emailing you in regards to your add that you had on craigslist.
Just a little about me. I am a 23 year old South Korean student that just got out of a bad relationship.
Honestly, this classified thing I have never tried, but I am really with the mentality now where I am down to explore
my sexuality and things a bit. I am honestly seeking some gentleman(10 in total) for a gangbang.

So I took some pictures earlier, and I do have many more attached, and then some below in the link. I know you might
have many ladies that send emails with a link, but I have read that CL is filled with freaks (espcially after the Boston killing),
so it is advised that once we go to classifieds, we send men to other dating sites etc. so there can be some kind of monitoring
for safety purposes. In addition, considering the nature of this request, I'm not going to gang bang any guy off Craigslist.

Anyhow, you can get my number and other pictures in the link below, I am serious about this, please be also!!
P.S. Im looking for 6 + inches and more of cock. I will judge once you got through the link before



The links take you to meetagirlsafely.com. We do not reccomend that you visit the links in spam message like this one. Just delete them and move on…

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