I’m still hesitant to send a pic of myself.

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from: Harold
to: clistdating.com
subject: Placing Ads
Hi. I just discovered you site today while trying to check on a link I was send from a CL ad I responded to. Very nice set up you have here.
Since you guys have obviously been placing and responding to ads for quite a while, maybe you could answer me a question. I've placed lots of ads in different places off and on with mixed success. My thing is I never put a picture of myself. Even when responding to emails, I'm still hesitant to send a pic of myself. Do you think this could be hurting my chances much? I mean I was always afraid someone I know would notice my ad and I would never hear the end of it, or someone would just keep my pic and use it as their own for future scam ads.
Anyway, I just wanted your opinion. Thanks in advance.

Harold, your question about including a picture in casual encounter ads, in response to craigslist personal ads and emails you wind up getting from online personals is a very good one that many folks ponder. You want to be discreet, for one thing, and you also don't yet know the intentions of the other person involved; you don't even know if another person IS involved. You also wonder what impact the picture has on your chances of scoring an encounter as you search for fuck buddies, online dating matches or NSA sex partners.

If you include a picture in your ad then you may gain a few more views and that WILL increase your success when it comes to placing ads in a classified listing like craigslist but not much. In online dating places like Adult FriendFinder or SwingLifeStyle you will get a LOT more success with a decent picture that reveals yourself. In either place, you don't have to show everything or even your face. Just something to give the viewer an idea of what your body is like and if they would find you attractive without giving everything away. Just put yourself in the place of the person you are trying to attract. Consider your own habits when it comes to reading ads and how you think about them.

You and the folks you want to meet both know that putting your picture up on a place like craigslist is dumb. If you see a picture in the ad then you can guess that the person that posted it is not real, is rather low on the food chain or is simply a desperate prostitute. The folks you are interested in attracting know this same thing when they look on your ads. Saying something like, "pics available after email exchange", is worthy of respect and will suffice for listings like craigslist.

For places like: Passion.com, GetItOn.com, Adult FriendFinder or SwingLifeStyle you will really want to have a few pictures that show as much as you are comfortable with and not showing what you are not willing to share online. It IS important to realize the ANYONE can see your profile so be as discreet as you wish while giving people SOME idea of what your physical appearance is actually like.

It is also important to note that you will see ads with txt like, "NO PIC, NO REPLY" or messages asking for a pic right away. Don't worry about it because EVERY person we have fucked from online ads allowed several emails before a picture was exchanged despite what their ad said or their initial demand was.

Our recommendations are:
* Never send a revealing picture when first replying to a personal ad or message responding to your personals ads.
* Only include semi revealing pictures or no picture when placing classified personals ads online or anywhere else.
* Always include a picture on online profiles, but make sure that your main picture is semi revealing and save the more revealing ones for "members only" albums that the best online dating sites feature today.

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  1. Harold says:

    Great advice! Thanks.

  2. hunglarge8 (AFF handle) says:

    For Adultfriendfinders (AFF) I have always used a cock shot, and a body shot wearing bathing suit without head showing. I know cock shots are in heavy use by men and annoy some women, but I am exceptionally endowed, and that’s what gets me action. I am good looking too, but the idea of throwing my face all over the internet is not what I care to do.

    If I get a nice response I then send the rest of me. If the response is simply, “let me see your face” I usually just ignore it. I would rate AFF as a good site to find average women for casual sex, although takes a lot of work, is a numbers game and some are real dogs. Over several years I have fucked several dozen women there, but my endowment helps, although I am older which is a liability.

    Be real aggressive about meeting, such as I can see you at such and such Saturday evening, etc, etc. Although there are hardcore users, these are often “what the heck” impulse sales for some women. Being a safe guy is important, this is a real concern for all women. If you don’t have good repore with women it will be tough It is competitive like anything else involving dating. Always try and get testimonials from any women who seemed pleased and refer your prospects to them. This builds a good profile. One technique is to see who is online, and immediately email them, that’s a good filter. I would use AFF over Get It On. . By the way I have found meeting couples to be a pain in the ass, and a dead end.

    Craigslist does have real women, but 95% are bots. Most of the time you can tell, the ads are stupid. If you happen to send a response that hits a bot, you will know immediately. Almost all the ads you post will generate bots. But once in awhile there is someone real, and I have fucked several women from Craigslist. I just post a cock shot, and a basic message.

  3. DaniB92 says:

    looking for chloe4walker@aol.com

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