7863669080 Strange 6515607474 phone numbers 8155260364 on craigslist 2246339047

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Strange phone numbers with craigdslist casual encounters

Mysterious phone numbers from craigslist personals ads are found in your email but you aren’t sure if they’re real or some sort of scam to trick you out of a ot of money. Beware of these type of things because there really are a lof of scams out there

If guys want to have good times with dating on the web , tghen you have to be more careful than dialing random number like these…

The vast majority of the erotic profiles on Craigs org casual encounters turnout to be spammers seeking to con people and screw them out of lots of their $$$. hardly any of them turn out to be genuine females needing sex. This is why most guys know to have some more methods that are helpful for gettin some play partners or girls from your computer. We’ve seen boat loads of fake casual sex applications online that you know are scams that you try to stay clear of. Smart guys can find these true sex dating websites seen online. Every day there is lots more fake profiles uploaded to Craigs com hook up personals plus many fresh junky sex dating sites made on the internet. Don’t click on that type of crap what ever it takes and register with these trusted casual sex websites and you’ll have much better results.

This is an example email in response to a ad put on Craig’s list with the strange phone numbers:

Lydia Sinclair

I’m a 34 yr old woman, newly single and want to have some fun. I’m a blunt type of person and say what I mean.you can text me 8155260364

james ward

wassup im bernard if intrested text 7863669080

Kristen Nott

I’m quite bold, 34, single, and seeking online for a s*x partner only at.I’m bored in this town. I am looking for only pleasure at this time, mutual of course. text please 6515607474

Heidi Bryant

I love to laugh, love to make people laugh, love to go and drink a beer on occassion. I am tired of going to bed alone at night :) . I have a great sense of humor and I def know how to have fun. I’m gorgeous and have been told. A pic from you will get one from me in return. My # is 2246339047, text me.

These messages are simply trash emails and can be ignored.

We don’t that you do business with pages that are pushed using junk messages. Just about all of them are just tricks you know. Try out this list of these biggest sexy meeting pages and you’ll get laid a lot more.


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