She sent me a link to ad wanted to meet for sex.,,,,,,,,, ,

She sent me a link to ad wanted to meet for sex.

If you get emails from Susan with links to places like lonelywifehookup then you may wonder if lonelywifehookup is legit or not. You might also be wondering if Susan in married or not. The good news is that Susan isn’t married. The bad news is that she doesn’t exist and is just a fake name used by spammers that prey for horny men looking to get lucky on craigslist. We’ve seen these links before and they are part of a network of sites that we see in lost of spams from craigslist. If you look around on the privacy policy or terms of use than you’ll see some clues about the association with You can then find that they are linked to a bunch of not so good or spammy dating sites like;,,,,,,,,, and These sites promise be really great but that’s as the say, “just marketing”. They are basically “bait and switch” type of places that want to get you signed up and then try to sell you all kinds of other things. There are legitimate sex dating sites out there but Susan and her junk are not it.

Whenever you are trying to hookup on the web, then you’ll need to know about places like and…

A lot of the erotic ladies on Clist personals are con artists working to screw desperate men and get too much of their money. Only a few of the profiles are real honest hotties wanting a guy. This is how to also have more methods for getting pussy or sexy ladies with the internet. We’ve seen a number of crappy dating applications online are just scams you would try to never click on. Smart men know about the legitimate sex dating sites can be found online. Every day there is lots more scammy posts uploaded to dating personals along with plenty of new spam filled adult dating web sites loaded on to the web. If you want to waste your time dealing complaints about lonelywifehookup and MilfAholic that is your choice but why not void that bunk and sign up to any of these real online dating”online hook up places and you’ll meet a lot more sexy ladies.

Example email followed up from an ad made on Craigs org:

from: Susan <>
subject: Want meet on mon?

I’m still here waiting for you to verify so we can meet up. Please dont take it personal I have to be careful these days.

clic k here to verify yourself now (

This will work out if your not a creep like that other guy I met. I really hope your legit and I am sorry to be so paranoid but I’m being careful this time. Prove to me your safe I’m waiting here . I attached a recent pic of myself as well. :)



The messages are junk emails and should be thrown away.

We do not suggest that you do business with websites that are sent through spammy messages. All of them turn out to be tricks you know. go see this list of these top sex meeting pages and you’ll have a lot more sex.


  1. is a huge scam. I wrote and review on it and exposed the whole scam wide open. You can read it here –> . It seems like are creating fake female profiles to lure men so they guys buy a membership. All the emails are fake just like the pics used in the profiles. One big rip off basically!

  2. If thats the same girl, Xoxo I got messages from her in the same vain, strikes up a conversation then disappears.Days later when responding to her new flirt, what happened to , its oh im sorry lets get to know each other, and you spend time with her talking dirty and she responds not to hooking up, just tell me more. Then gets lost again.I have been there for three weeks and have even stopped getting any messages.Im cancelling and want my money back. Iam gonna call Glo Aldrich, to see if she interested in helping me against affairalert…..Thanks for the info…

  3. These same people run and too and it seems that these types of accounts are almost impossible to cancel. Might as well get your card replaced if you were unfortunate enough to have fallen for any of those things.

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