Did you verify you age at safeverifier.info for JessicaDonnely@myself.com

safeverifier.info, JessicaDonnely@myself.com, CitySex.com, Jessica Donnely

What does Jessica Donnely have to do with Nautell Capital Limited (“CitySex.com”)

There is some temptation in the emails from Jessica Donnely and the link to safeverifier.info that is sent in her email. The picture looks good and she is ready to go. Yeah, she is an escort but her price is pretty low so maybe it’s not all like that. She just needs you to book a date to verify that you are old enough to fuck her. Seems reasonable, maybe.

She really doesn’t exist and the verification scam is just about the most common online dating scam for the last few years. It’s such a good trick that it has lasted for years now and people fall for it every day. Once you enter you name and email address then you’ll get another form to collet your credit card info. After that, the charges start showing up on your card but there is not date. There is no girl. They’ve also figured out how to keep your $ so you can’t get it back. There are some things you can do to avoid these type of scams though. There are a few sites where you can find free local pussy where the operators work very hard to keep the scammers out.

If you enjoy dating online for sure folks really need to learn this stuff…


A lot of the horny gals, like JessicaDonnely@myself.com, on craigs list dating personals and places like backpages wind up being criminals working to hopeful guys and take too much of their credit cards. Not many of the profiles turn out to be genuine females trying to find a guy. This is why you need to to use some other ways of finding some women or sexy hotties with the internet. You probably know about gobs of spam filled sex dating web sites all over the internet that you know are scams that you want to stay clear of. Smart guys know of these legitimate hook up places that are online. All the time there’s more of these scammy profiles put on Craigslist.com personal ads plus many new spammy adult dating places put on the web. Avoid those sorts of bunk what ever it takes and join up with a few trusted casual sex sites and you’ll meet a lot more hot woman.


This is an sample message showing a post posted to Craigslist.com:

from: Jessica Donnely JessicaDonnely@myself.com
subject: Still Waiting For Your Call !!!


look i dnt want to Waste your time. i am an Escort i do All Stuff like Girl friend and All day night.

My Rate is $75 per hour.

if you need more then 1 hr then we can workout somthing : )

also u dnt have to worry about things i have my Own Car so u just have to do is.

book a date and confirm that your over 19.

here is the link : http://safeverifier.info/users/jessica/

once your confrim there u will get my phone number there so u can call me.”


safeverifier.info, JessicaDonnely@myself.com, CitySex.com, Jessica Donnely
safeverifier.info, JessicaDonnely@myself.com, CitySex.com, Jessica Donnely

The messages are simply trash emails and can be thrown away.

We don’t recommend that you get tricked by places that are sent using spam emails. Just about all of these emails are scams anyway. Try these pages about the these top sex meeting pages and you’ll get laid a lot more.

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