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Sarah J,,,,

Why is trolling craiglslist with

There are lots of emails from when you are on craiglist that have links to that seem sort of strange. The verification scam isn’t new but it still fools a lot of suckers into entering thier credit card. Beware of these things when you are dating online.

If ever dudes enjoy trolling for sex on the web , guys really should learn about the following…

The website that you are sent to looks sort of like this except that there is a form to collect your info.

Safe & Single is a fast and secure service that makes meeting people through social networks and Craigslist safer and easier.

After the unfortunate murder that took place on Craigslist, Safe & Single received media exposure and became one of the top methods to verify your age and protect women from sexual predators.

It is US law that credit cards are not to be issued to citizens under the legal age of 18, thus we use your credit card to verify your age and check that you are not a registered sex offender.

Verify to Meet This Member

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I’m kind of a wild girl..though I keep it on the down low with most of my friends they can’t know how crazy I am..but I love sex and and I love masturbating. Im not a total slut though lol I just need to find a good man who can keep me pleased in the bedroom, nothing more nothing less.

Just about 95% of the horny women on CL casual encounters and places like those wind up being fakes working to scam men and scam them out of too much of thier cash. Rarely are any of the profiles in fact are legit horny women needing someone to fuck. That is why most guys know to also have better ways that are helpful for getting some horny women or sexy ladies with the internet. we have noticed a lot of crappy sex dating web sites all over the internet are just tricks you would want to never click on. Most guys know about the legitimate casual sex sites are found online. Every day there is more and more scammy profiles posted to Craigslist personal ads plus several new spam filled casual sex web sites launched on the internet. Don’t click on those sorts of bunk what ever it takes and stick with any of these legitimate sexy applications and you will get laid a lot more.

Example message from an ad made on Craigs com:

from: Sammie Page
subject: re: Wanna see two men suck each other off

hey thanks for getting back to me….but wheres ur pic? Can you send one when you reply I really wanna see what you look like first k.

I’ve attached my photo back just don’t share it with anyone I wanna keep this whole thing on the DL. I’m hoping to meet for a drink or something then back to your place or mine. just so you know I’m not looking for gifts or anything I’m totally good… just need a man who can get the job done with the right tools if you know what I mean!


Sarah J,,,,
Sarah J,,,,


from: Sammie Page
subject: re: Wanna see two men suck each other off

Ive been hoping you would write me back since you’re the only decent guy on here… I’m sending you another pic do you like me? Ive been thinking if this works out between us we can meet more then one time…..just make sure you always bring protection cause I just wanna have fun and relieve stress I don’t wanna start a family here lol.

when can you meet me? I’m already bored with all the emails I’m getting I just wanna make this plan a reality. You can cum over here tonight if you want I don’t have plans….

I have to admit to you that I was hesitant to use craigslist in the first place cause I had a scary experience a few years ago meeting someone from personals he was scary… luckily I found a service which keeps people like that away so I need you to go to this page for my number –

They screen members and keep out dangerous people….as long as you’re not a convict or offender they give you my number on the spot then we’ll meet. If you were a woman you would use the same thing……actually I saw this on the news cause many realtors are starting to use this same type of screening just to be safe when meeting clients they don’t know.

I’m gonna pause my movie and go soak in the bath…..I will have my cell beside the tub I hope you do this and call me. Its not complicated I know you can do it for me takes like a minute…..if you dont have anything to hide they will give you my number you shouldn’t bother texting just call me directly and cum over here! And don’t forget to bring condoms seriously thats important too


Sarah J,,,,
Sarah J,,,,


from: Sammie Page
subject: re: Wanna see two men suck each other off

awww okay I understand if you really don’t have a card for that or whatever …… there is another site which just asks for email and name its this one here:

They also do screening of their members so what you can do is go on there then send me your number and I’ll call you. Once I see your msg on there I’l know you passed their screening my username is vballbabe27.

okay i’m gonna close my email up for now…. message me on there when you are ready and give me your number.

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These messages are trash emails and can be deleted.

We don’t suggest that you click on websites that are plugged using spammy emails. The majority of these mails are total scams anyway. Try out this list of these best sex dating places and you will have much better results.


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