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What is xhookup.asia doing with www.ethookup.com and JustHookup.com?

If you look for women on the casual encounters listings or visit some porn sites then you will likely run into this type of thing.

From the domain name, Xhookup.asia looks like it was probably set up as a proxy to cloak traffic from unsolicited emails at some point in the past to promote JustHookup.com. Now seems to redirect to www.ethookup.com and promotes other places, is if JustHookup.com wasn’t bad enough.

Looks like xhookup.asia redirects to www.ethookup.com to promote JustHookup.com.

When you get links to Xhookup.asia the site redirect your browser to www.ethookup.com and thant sends you on to JustHookup.com. The page at http://www.ethookup.com/profile/ looks like many other ones that have evolved as bridges between spam traffic and sites like JustHookup.com. They typically have some corny hook line like this at the top of the page:

A woman’s orgasm is ten times stronger when she orgasms during an actual sexual experience – as opposed to when she is touching herself. Every woman is searching for a man to give them this type of orgasm.

This site contains over 6 million women in the United States who DO NOT want to masturbate anymore. These female members want to meet a man that is willing and able to have sex with them at a moment’s notice. Please confirm your age to proceed.

You are supposed to promise to fuck these poor horny women really good before you click on an “I agree” button and join. LOL. If you do then you browser will be redirected to JustHookup.com. Just beware of these type of schemes as they are very common in the online dating world.

There is also a www.xhookup.info domain that currently has an interesting set up.

They have lots of pictures tagged with dating keywords stewn about on what appears to be a faked out dating site. There are various ads there that promote the same sirt of sites the email spammers seem to make thier $ from. Randomly clicking on some of the ads brought up www.xxxblackbook.com, www.sexplaycam.com, www.xdating.com and tour1.ihookup.com. If you have any experience with onlie dating then you learn to stay away from sithes like those pretty fast because they are not what they first apear and are loaded with tricks.

Whenever you like trying to hookup on the web – you really need to learn what this says…

Hooking up on craigslist and avoing things like xhookup.asia, JustHookup.com.

Most of these sexy profiles on Craigslist casual encounters and places like back pages turnout to be fakes trying to horny males and take too much of their $$$. Only a few of them turn out to be real sexy ladies searching for a hook up. That’s how to also use better methods for finding some horny women or sexy ladies with the internet. we have noticed boat loads of spam filled sex dating web sites all over the internet that turn out to be fakes that you try to avoid. Smart guys know of these legit hook up websites seen online. Every day there’s more of these scammy profiles made on Craigs org hook up personals along with lost of new crappy hookup applications created on to the web. Don’t click on that type of junk if you can and join up with these real online dating”online hook up places and you will have much better results.


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