See lovesexx420[at]gmailcom a lot and wondering about links to to verify for her.

Getting in the know about, Lara Love

There are a lot of posts on craigslist with a lot of different titles and messages but there is an address at the bottom, lovesexx420[at]gmailcom. You might guess from the many postings with very different messages that the postings and the email is just some sort of scam. Your guess would be right, of course. The link that is sent goes to where you will see the familiar type of verification scam. If you enter your credit card information into the form you will get monthly bills from all kinds of places. COnsidering some of the other pages on the site, like, it seems like they use another site,, to do the illicit billing. This is a very common type of dating personals scam so beware.

About every one of the erotic girls on Clist personal ads and places like backpages are con artists trying to trick horny men and take piles of thier $$$. hardly any of the ads wind up as actual gals searching for real guys. This is why most guys know to use some better methods that are helpful for getting hot girls from your computer. We’ve seen boat loads of crappy hook up places online that are total scams that you’ll want to stay clear of. Smart guys know about the legit adult dating places that are online. All the time we find more and more spammy postings uploaded to Clist hook up personals and many new spam filled adult dating places placed on on to the internet. Avoid those sorts of bunk if you can and stick with a few of these legitimate internet dating sites and you’ll meet a lot more horny women.

* : Looking for the big cock guys

Hello I am 29 year divorced single white girl. Looking for someone to start my new life over with. Moving back to the area in 3 weeks. I am originally from Detroit but its been 4 years sinceiI’ve been back. Pic 4 Pic. White guys only plz. If your interested in getting to know me. Please send me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you. my email is………lovesexx420[at]gmailcom


from: Lara
subject: Looking for the big hard cock guys

Hi! Thanks for writing me again.
My ad said it all but basically I like to have a lot of random and safe sex. I’m basically looking for some no strings type thing..Nothing longterm…just fun. My housemate isn’t home for today (also for next two days) and I’d really like to do this while she isn’t here. Otherwise, its tough when she’s around. I love being loud and dont need anyone knowing my business. The question is …are you real? I’ve been getting all kinds of emails from fake guys. I know the usual things guys ask so NO I’m not fake or a bot or a cam site and YES I am real, local, and very very horny, I have big tits and I like getting my pussy eaten and anal. I love sucking guys off and my favorite position is doggie. What do you like to do? I’m pretty much down for whatever as long as you are safe. I have papers showing I’m disease free and I insist on being safe. I take a lot of safety precautions especially with my private information. I’m sending a pic with this email..let me know if u got it or not and what u think.


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from: Lara
subject: Looking for the big hard cock guys

OMG this will be really fun I’m getting excited about meeting you and getting off email. my friend is laughing at me lol. Grinding into my computer chair over here ;) Its been way too long since I”ve had an orgasm….not counting touching myself cause that doesn’t count.

If everything goes well once we meet my friend wants to watch if thats okay with you….i don’t know about you but the idea of her being there really turns me on. just sent you another picture of me..

Just to be on the safe side she setup an account for me on safelocalnsa which was recommended on TV as a good way to screen the people you meet with on craigslist. Its for women obviously, we saw it on the news a while ago.

If you’ll do this for my friend she’ll let me meet you, otherwise I’d have to try someone else who can prove they are trustworthy. If you have nothing to hide and you’re safe, then use this page and complete the online verification its really easy and once you’ve done that I’ll get an email from craftsafe giving the green light. Or I”ll get a red warning from them you are in the sex offender database…they check for that. You better come up safe cause I really wanna let you fuck me and maybe even have my friend watch…depends if we want the privacy or not lol. Anyways I hope can be trusted.

This is the page they gave us you need to go here and do this:

Please don’t make excuses us women have to play it safe and then me and you can play together. K?


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from: Lara Love
subject: Looking for the big hard cock guys

I already confirmed I am real I even posted a new picture to my profile! I am not doing anything else to prove I am authentic. I really need to meet but I have received a lot of replies and you’re not my only choice. You sprarked my interest the most and that is why I determined to hook up with you! But if you cant do something as straightforward as verifying your age on a site then I almost certainly shouldn’t meet you. Look I don’t really like to get angry and I don’t want you to just run away I really do want to meet and have a great time, but I’m really not going to give you my number or do anything else until you are verified… I dont see why you are going to destroy a superbly good sexual encounter!

Stop Messing! Around! Baby! I know you would like me! And I Desire You TOO! verify yourself then go to my profile and Call me.

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There’s a earlier version of the same page at

but it has a different picture and name but it’s the same scam:

safelocalnsa-com-babysophi24-for_landing_page_ edited

The emails are trash mails and should be trashed. We don’t suggest that you do business with websites that are sent in spam mails. All of these messages are tricks anyhow. Try out some of some most used sex meeting places and you will have a lot more sex.

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