Bad Girl, – So Sorry for late reply i do not use and read emails to much thats why

Bad Girl,, from craigslist seems to want to exchange phone numbers

These emails off of craigslist from Maria,, both seem to have a common theme and similar purposes. These are links to (associated with and (associated with, and in these examples. As you may have figured out, there is no girl and these emails are just tricks.

A lot of the sexy ladies on craigs list hook up personals are fakes trying to scam horny men and trick them out of piles of thier $$$. Rarely are any of them turn out to be genuine women looking for men to fuck. That is how most men know to also use other methods that are helpful for searching for play partners from your computer. You probably have seen many junky casual sex sites everywhere that you know are junk that you try to stay away from. Lots of men and women know where these legit adult dating websites are found online. Every day we see many more scammy posts put on Craigs org dating personals plus many new crappy dating sites launched on places like that. Don’t click on that type of junk if you can and only use a few legitimate sexy applications and you’ll get laid a lot more.

from: Bad Girl
subject: RE:Shower together and then play together – w4m

i have Attached my pics and i also have to same few more things that i dnt need any serious Relation at All.

i hope u understand also i dont use email all the time so before we exchange our numbers.

i must need to chat with u a little this is the messenger i am online right now its free

Add me there Cute.Witty

1 (3).jpg

Bad Girl,,
Bad Girl,,

1 (2).jpg

Bad Girl,,
Bad Girl,,


Bad Girl,,
Bad Girl,,


from: Aleena
subject: RE:Hard action for pussy – w4m


i have Attached my Pics i just saw your Msg in my Spam you msg me a week ago from my Craigslist post

So Sorry for late reply i do not use and read emails to much thats why

i always online at online messenger Add my id there Sweet.Sucky

with that we both can sure that we are ready to go.

just hit me up there with or just msg me there your cell number.

c ya


Bad Girl,,
Bad Girl,,


Bad Girl,,
Bad Girl,,


Bad Girl,,
Bad Girl,,

Those messages are trash emails and can be ignored. We don’t that you click on pages that are plugged using junk mails. Just about all of these mails are just spam anyhow. Try these pages about the some biggest sexual hook up pages and you’ll have a lot more sex.


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