Want to fuck jennifer.mcphee@zoho.com off of craigslist tonight.

The profile for Jennjuicy69 sounds pretty hot because of the naughty emails from jennifer.mcphee@zoho.com that get right to the point about hooking up with her right off of craigsl list. She really comes off as a very sexy woman that needs some sex in a bad way but she has her own ways of being “discrete”. After teasing you about humping you like a cat in heat in your favorite hotel room, she gives you a link to follow, mylocallay.info/flyjenny. Her profile is Jennjuicy69 and all you have to do is log in and go to her screen. It sounds simple, easy and you can imagine her wet pussy already gripping your cock but you feel like something might be little off… Well, you do a quick search and you find this page. Yep, then, *POP*, your bubble is popped and you realize that she is not real. Just some clever words to entice you into following a link to www.justhookup.com with a sweet fantasy wrapped around it to help you make a bad decision. At least you found out before it was too late.

There are many of these teasing spams on craigslist personals. Most of them are easy to spot after you see a few but there are so many of them that is is plain annoying. There are other places to find sex online besides craigslist. Just go here and try these popular sex finder sites where there is less spam and lots more horny ladies.

from: Jennifer jennifer.mcphee@zoho.com
subject: Re: Back in town – w4m (Snohomish County) 24yr

hey hows it going. my ad pretty much says it all, i want to meet some good fuckin. i like to use the internet for hookups because i dont really have time to meet anyone. and i really want it to be discrete and fun. Definitely the real deal here, and I surely hope you are too! I have been trying to hook up with someone for days! lol. i hope you can last. because i have the stamina to go all night baby. if you are one of those two minute men, please move on. i mean, why go through all of this for short satisfaction, not worth it!.. might as well masturbate, haha :X I hope you know how to dominate and yet be gentle when it comes in the bedroom, or wherever hell else we end up doing it.. i want to have this to be a satisfying encounter, for the both of us, but for me mostly, ehehe. i love giving oral, and i love receiving oral, so i hope u are down for that. Please lets be discrete about this, and I will not meet u if u have any sexual diseases. no thx. we have to meet at a public place, like a hotel, because i really would rather not let this get personal. i just really want to have fun and maybe do this as my ‘night’ life. ya know? kinda like catwoman, meow. looking for my shaft to rub my puss to. lol. so i hope u are serious! so lets have some fun. please dont ask me for personal info. i wont give it to u. discrete fun, only. :P i just have way too much energy rite now! gotta stop drinking them darn redbulls.. i hope i can use this energy in more productive/fun ways, ;) hehehe. here’s some photo of me, so you have an idea. am i cute.. dont be fooled, im a hellcat in bed! be prepared! >:)




from: Jennifer jennifer.mcphee@zoho.com
subject: Re: Back in town – w4m (Snohomish County) 24yr

hey, I understand about your hesitation about putting in a credit card or any other personal info… so I decided to make a profile on this site: http://mylocallay.info/flyjenny/ instead…. go make one.. its completely free and this way i get to see what you look like, and kinda get an idea of who im about to fuck LOL… once you sign up, send me a message, so we can chat in real-time without me having to give you my personal info. i am definitely real, and you will see me on my webcam on the site, once youre logged in, hit me up, my screen name is “Jennjuicy69”

see ya!

You’ll run into lots of messages like these on the casual encounter sites. It’s better to not click on links in junk emails. You never know what kind of scam is on the other side. Try the legitimate adult dating casual sex sites and stop worring about the annoying spammers.

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