Are their sites out there like that??

A concerned visitor asks us about a few things and we answer. Here is his email:

Do ALL of these sites have Affiliates/Associates that are trying to
make money by keeping guys responding to their silly asses litle 3 to
5 word messages or get the guys to upgrade from a free basic
membership to a recurring payment status?? I have joined some of those
before I figured out what was going on. Then I would cancel my
membership even though I had to continue to pay until my upgraded
membership expired. Is there a way to tell if a website is composed
primarily of Affiliates/Associates– and REAL women who actually want
sex or a relationship are few and far between?? On some of your
suggested sites, do the women want to be paid for their services? Are
you paid to recommend the services that you do.??
Another thing I’ve had a problem with is that some of your sites have
mostly women who will not see a married guy!! POF & OKCupid are prime
examples of female members who get all upset if a married guy responds
to their ad. I guess what I’m looking for is a location where the
female members are serious about some good times(i.e.-NOT Affiliates
or Associates), and will see a married guy, and aren’t “working girls”
(charge money for sexual favors. Are their sites out there like that??
It will be very appreciated if you will take the time to digest what
I’ve had to say and can make website recommendations based on what I
am looking for. THANK YOU in advance….xxx

The type of sites we post the spam reports on are pretty much all junk. Most them use “virtual cupids”, or what ever they want to call them, to get you to pay for more fake services. It’s amazing how far they will go to dupe poor guys out of thier $ before they realize that the only other folks on the site are other guys that got fooled. If you joined any of thoes sites then you surly wasted you cash.

We do make some commisions from some of the sites that we promote and we only promote a select few of the most trusted sites that we or our friends actually use. The sites we promote actually do have millions of members of all sexes and persuasions. They police thier members to weed out scammers as soon as they are found and they do a good job. Thoses sites will kick off prostitutes too but we really haven’t ever seen much of that. Every once in a while we get a spammy message for Another member and then *poof* they are deleted.

OKCupid and POF are as we mention more geared towards singles looking for LTR but we have both fucked several people from both places. We actually met each other on Plenty of Fish for a one night stand but something went terribly wrong and we here we are after over 5 years, lol.

As far as married vs not, yeah, lots of folks are going to frown on you from the singles LTR dating sites. The more sexually charged sites are more friendly towards that but still, don’t expect that the main stream is going to be happy. You will have better luck at a place like because that’s the topic of the site…

There you go, hope it helps….

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