What does xt 100 postin mean or stand for on craigslist?

What does xt 100 postin mean or stand for on craigslist? You see some postings that have (xt 100 postin) in the location field and wonder what is going on. Is xt 100 postin some sort of secret code of the craigslist underground, swinger jargon or some sort of sexual meaning? If you answer these ads than you will notice one thing pretty quick; they are all spams.

Why would spammers intentionally put something on thier posts that would be a big giant red flag like that?

Most likely, it isn't intentional so there are a few possible answers. The spammer is using a trial version of some sort of "make money fast as a spammer" software that does this until the wanna be scammer pays for it. It could just be the default setting for some sort of spam software that the user forgot to change. What is cool, though, is that it doesn't matter exactly what it is because you can know that any post you see with it is spam and avoid those. If you want to avoid all of this type of junk anyway than try some of these adult dating sites instead and you can get laid without having to care what the meaning of xt 100 postin is…

If you have a better theory about what it means then leave a comment and share it with everyone.

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