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from: lilly larson
to: you
subject: Re: Re: Hey

Hey…and here's asome pics, thank you for getting back to me, I'll be brief as I have stuff to do around here. Stuff for class.

So more about me, I'm 23, I'll be 24 in june, I'm currently single but was in a relationship with a person much older than myself for 2 years. We were happy or so I thought, but things didn't work out and they moved on, long story short, I wanted a child and they did not.

Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, and maybe even that is too much information, I don't know you yet. And I certainly wouldn't spend my time with a new person talking about lost loves.

We all have our sad stories I suppose and shouldn't bore one another with them…..especially when the future can be so much brighter.

I had an ad up here for awhile and came close to meeting a couple of people but things didn't work out.


from: lilly larson
to: you
subject: Re: Re: Hey

Hey there again

Please forgive me for not just running out to meet you, you are a complete to me at this point, though you seem great.

Considering all things and stuff that goes on in society, I will be playing it safe for now.

So I will need you to verify please. If not I understand completely, but I won't be meeting you otherwise, no exceptions sorry. If so good, here is the link. My user is lillylarsen

anyway here's the site.

I'm home but have to run out for a bit, I should be back shortly provided everything goes well, small work emergency.Call me when you have my phone number. it's on my profile

I'm home now, painting for a friend, give me a call when you have my phone number. it's on my profile

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