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We are a couple that met each other online, enjoy our sex life to the fullest and want to help others to achieve the same success. We enjoy each other, very much, and we also date and have sex with other people. We have been to nude pool parties, swinger parties, BDSM play parties and other events. We have our own get togethers for 3sums, 4sums and such. We have been through the process of searching for new partners for our enjoyment many times and have a lot to share about it.

We feature, on www.thiscouple.com, reviews of places we have successfully found partners, examples of the spam/scams that you will run into online and other fun things we find interesting. We only recommend places that we have personally found to be worth joining. We post examples of spams, scams and junk emails to help our readers avoid giving their credit card numbers to age verification scams, bogus web sites and other scammers. We also post some articles to help our readers to find the successful erotic encounters that they are looking for.

We hope you will not be too shy to give your feedback in the comments and will enjoy your visit to our site.

-www.thiscouple.com ( Yes, we used to be clistdating.com. )

Update: 2011.01.22

We see questions like "where did clistdating.com go", "what happened to clistdating.com" and "where is clistdating.com now". You may also notice that come of out older comments have "clistdating" as the author. That is because we moved from one web host to another AND we also changed domain names. Something went wrong in forwarding the other domain here but we haven't botherd to fix it. We also have not restored some of the older versions of the site. We really just want to move forward with what we are doing with the site right now and put our efforts into that.


  1. macguy says:

    First, I would like to say if someone were color blind they could not read your code, I must be approaching it. OK, What The Hell Did I Learn From This Visit, from first appearances this Couple appear to be doing a straight number and for that they have my respect. Naturally this site has taken a lot of time and effort and it is not for nothing, hence the haul must be coming in from referrals and such. I really don’t care what the source is as long as it is not another more sophisticated scam.

  2. freetme says:

    Yes the color codes are over done and who want to spend 20 minutes figuring the codes out! I aggree with macguy

  3. latemate says:

    I think your site is refreshingly appealing. Gives a sense of respectful approach to these type of sites.Particularly the stuff about scams and various potential pitfalls. After all some of us,even at my age ,are new to this and its not so easy to navigate. I want to see good reviews of sites and places without getting ripped off . That youre a couple lends much credence and belief to what you say,especially as you also have first hand experience. Good luck to you and i think your approach is the right way forward.

    • thiscouple says:

      Wow, we are discussing your comment right now as one of us types this. Your comment really makes us feel like we are helping people. As we go along, hopefully we will find better and better ways to get people to see and understand. If you look at a lot of the other comments here, lots of guys still think “the girl” from some spam that they have received exists and are desperate to find “her”; even after reading some of the page, the hope that the spam emails create in them seem to make them lose their minds. Others, we can see, do get it and avoid getting taken.

      We met online 5 years ago and have learned a LOT about online dating, particularly hooking up for sex. Yeah, not everyone we know approves of our lifestyle but it is what it is. Hopefully others will benefit from our experience. We really appreciate your encouraging words and they help us to keep it up.


  4. csexlady says:

    anyone looking for jennycrazy4u1 here?

  5. cobalt357 says:

    Would like to chat and / or email about lifestyle. Looking for like minded groups, couples, women for fun.
    Thanks, G

  6. Who is naughtyfunhunter@hotmail.com, xoxojenn1 or yahacrazy4u1 that I am looking for?

  7. mcmack says:

    Ran across your site as I was doing the usual search on e-mails. I have to say, one of the best ‘scam/spam’ sites I’ve seen in a while. Hope you two are still doing well and are still updating your information.


    • thiscouple says:

      Hey, big thanks man. That was very nice of you to say and we both appreciate your kind words. We’re still plugging along…

  8. ProfessorHorny says:

    I am a new visitor to your site, so I’m eager to learn more and explore. I found it after checking an image from one of those “come-on” CL emails the “verification” spammers.

    One thing–you have Plenty O’ Fish listed as a good source for NSA dating. As of last week, that’s no longer the case–not only have they dropped their “intimate encounters” section altogether, they’ve booted anyone who is married. This is regrettable, since I met a couple of nice people through the site.

    I look forward to finding new adventures through your advice. Thanks!

    • thiscouple says:

      Hmmm, we’ll look into it but the site itself has always been somewhat prudish about NSA folks for as long as we can remember. That really doesn’t stop people for using it for just that all the time. I would imagine that the married folks will just change theirs status to single and so on. Whatever the case though, no matter how much the site doesn’t want people to hook up, people is still gonna hook up. lol.

      Oh, yeah, thanks for leaving a comment and saying hi. Thanks a lot.

  9. jdl241 says:

    Hello to all, this has been a great information page and can say with respect to all no matter if your looking for NSA or your a couple looking for fun or what have you, most of these sites that were mentioned of where to seek and find such encounters will be a trial and error run no matter what site you should use.
    Since my line of field is computers and now with social networks/ social media in the loop people will find ways to target those to also find fun. I can tell you at first hand that without looking or placing an add and such I have gotten and found couples, single, NSA and much more, and as my rule of thumb I make it pleasant by meeting in a nutral area such as a coffee shop, bar, club, restaurants and what have you not to mention chat before meeting gain respect show that each is real and gives the chance to breaking the ice.

  10. hit me up for some fun :* send me a pic (nudes, #lesbian only)

  11. jrayjohnson says:

    Plz let me just plz someone all night by being whatever theywant and need

  12. jrayjohnson says:

    Need some rightnow tired of looking

  13. karan khosla says:

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  14. Richard says:

    Im looking for beautiful horny women that want to have some fun hit me up

  15. REHAN WARSI says:


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