Sarah Bennett at wants a real man to come fuck her Getting emails from horny women with addresses

Heather Millz seems cool enough when you first encounter her but there are some things that are concerning. The main thing is that she doesn’t even exist so that’s a red flag right there, lol. Yeah, these messages are simply spams that are pretty common place on personals listings like craigslist. They are mainly plugging, one of the most spammed sites right now. Your better off to just avoid that and stick to the trusted adult dating sites.

Places like craigslist and backpages are pretty big but that have a really bad problem with spammers, scammers and con artitsts. The good news, though, is that there are several really good places to hooke up that are lots better than craigslist. Take a look for yourself and stop worring about all these spammers.

from: Heather
subject: NSA hookup needed – w4m (central/south phx)

hi im Heather nice to hear from u. i do need to ask right off the bat tho are u weed frndly? Because Im really very low on funds and could rlly use a little something to calm me down. An if your not into pot that is fine to i jus really could use like twenty or 40 or so to get some because my nerves are really freaking out and I’d let u make love to me if u could hook me up with some 420 or money because Im pretty needy right now, plus some great sex would make me chill out to, i have had a fucking hard month Im not usually like this and Im not a whore neither but desperate right this moment

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from: Heather
subject: Suck and maybe more* – w4m ( central/south phx )

i really dont want to go into all of this, i just want a lil herb and a great dicking down lol. You seem nice, i will tell u what, show me ur real and check out and make a free join with me, no cc or any of that kidna shit. after you do then message me anything on my profile name on there Deliciousgoodi and then i will check out your page and pictures and send you my number and we can meet up. You seem very nice, pot or no pot an i think you need some nice sweet loving 2 :)

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from: Heather
subject: Lookin For Sexy White Man For Pleasure – w4m ( long beach / 562 )

go to and send me a mesg already.. if you wanna meet up lets do this already make sure to upload a pic and write a little bit about yourself i want to get to know you before i just meet up.

That other stupid site ended up charging me this one doesnt use a credit card or anything so its free and easy to use no excuse if you want me you should do it already. IM FREE TONIGHT SO LETS PLAY!

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You will be better off erasing these junk messages because they really are just junk mail. It’s much better not to click on these links in scammy messages likes these. pretty much all of them are just cons or scams anyway. If you just want to get laid then try out some legitimate casual sex sites where the real people are playing right now.

The article, displayed above, exposes a spam email that many folks may have recieved in emails read on thier iPad or other mobile devices and laptops in response to craigslist and backpage personals ads. The emails are not really legitimate emails from a potential date but the links that are included with the emails are often genuine scams. If you receive emails like these on your android, tablet or mobile phone; or were a victim of the email that you see in the article posted here then please leave a comment about your experience

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