Getting emails from girls at and wondering about verifying at

If you have gotten emails from,,,,,,,,,,,,, or and wondered about verifiying yourlself with,,, or then you are just about to fall for the ole “dating verification” scam. Here is how some it works: This first message looks something like this seems to be just some bait to get your email address… – Fuck me – – nsa fun – -message me-

Did you get one of these emails from Stacy K acting like a dirty slut on craigslist? Wonder if you really can get her number and fuck her too? Just about all the scams on craigslist personals listing work the same way. You get a link to a place to “verify” yourself emailed to you under the premise that if you will just enter your credit card number then…

Brittany, Kristen, Lauren and Nicole, meeting safely here

Brittany, Kristen, Lauren, Nicole and other “women” from craigslist send emails to horny guys on craigslist casual encounters and other personals ads listings that are popular online. They all seem to want to meet you but want to meet safely online first. There are links in these sexy sounding emails to places like that seem to invite you to verify that you are safe to meet. That all sounds… wants to hook up and get fucked.

Yeah, this is another “verification” scam like the ones from nicole lewis that you have seen before. Craigs list has a lot of scams like this but you don’t have to put up with out if you are tired of the junk. If you really want to find a LOT of horny women that want to just hook up then try these legitimate casual sex dating sites instead and you…

Is with really that safe?

Have you noticed that Kristen Miller,, tries to get many males all horny and confused with these emails that read, "if youre really serious about meeting verify youre over 18 and safe and all through my profile"?. If men like yourself get messages from it is a sign of experience to be a bit suspicious but are you on the right track? Guys try to see if these…

qtkristen00 wants to be a discreet honey from

What is Kristen Miller,, mission on places like craigslist? You already had your suspicions or you wouldn’t be here reading this, right? So, you get the link for and read, “if youre really serious about meeting verify youre over 18 and safe and all through my profile”. Yeah, that’s the big giant red flag that tells you that this is just another verification scam that you should avoid….