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Lol, if you've ever googled for then you'll appreciate the the humor that one of the black hat guys that is picking on right at the moment. The standard verification scam is played out in a series of emails ment to entice the reader into clicking on a link that reads "" after the reader has replied to a fake craigslist casual encounter posting. They just added the… just tryin to get a hookup.


Chelsea Owens 94 is the new Carly Mink of craigslist casual encounters and she is hot. Hot like there is a lot of action around her but not so hot for a date. Sure there are pictures but those are just some model posing and Chelsea is just a made up name used by a scammer to send you tons of junk emails. There are several scams and tricks that… wanting to FUCK today!

There is a new one with a link to from Chelsea Owens that is a little amusing.The email sounds hot and horny but there is a catch. Yeah, SHE DOESNT EXIST ,  and you have to sign up to some fake website before you can find out that she is a fake, lol. Don't fall for tricks like these. There are a lof of dating scams like these that…