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Online dating is an easy way to get laid a lot but there are some things to watch out for. Sometimes you will get emails like the ones from off of craigslist and wonder if she is for real or if there is some sort of scam. The link to in the emails that you are supposed to click on and get verified are one really big clue. In this case you are supposed to enter your credit card info to verify that you are somehow ok to have sex with. Does that make any sense? Not really… So, once you do enter you information into the form that is really from you will get charges on your card and you’ll slso find out that the woman doesn’t really exist. It’s all just a trick to get you money. The good news is that there really are strong>some legitimate casual sex websites where you can actually find very horny local women that want to have sex.

If you are dating online for sure folks really ought to know the following…

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www-mysafedate-net-kaylaselans with and

When horny guys hunt for good times and local pussy on craigslist they often get emails from women like If you have then you notice some links in these emails to places like and The second one just redirects you to a commonly spammed site,, but the first one is the really bad one. VERIFYMYHOOKUP.ORG or is set up under the premise that you need to pass some sort of verification process to prove that you are good enough to fuck All you have to to do prove that you can fuck her is to enter your credit card info into the form that is served from These type of tricks run rampant in the personals listings but they are easy to spot if you have a little experience.

If you want to have good times with booty hunting on craigs list dating ads – you need to be aware of more of this…

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If you meet a woman link mariasara,, on craigslist then you need to know a few things to keep yourself safe. On of the first things to take note of is all the talk about being safe and getting screened. THat’s a big tipp off that this isn’t a real human woman but a fake personality dreamed up by a scammer. The links are also a big clue too. Notice that the first two are almost the same. and The first link takes you to the screening page we mentioned before. It’s totally fake and is a front for charging you credit card to sign you up with for monthly payments. The second one just forwards you to where you’ll just waste your time along with all the rest of the guys that were fooled into joining by emails like this. Then there is another link, to, where you’ll find more of the same just you can do without. At least you know know, before getting fooled. On the bright side, there ARE some trusted and true places where you can find sex online.

If ever you want to have fun with booty hunting on the internet – you really ought to know more of this…

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Jennifer Smith,

What’s with this Jennifer Smith,, and from craigslist?

When you are looking to meet horny women online and get laid then you will wind up getting messages from woemn like Jennifer Smith, These women have some secrets and you had better find out more before you chase them. The first thing to learn is that she isn’t real and is just a fake personality made up by a scammer. This is easy to figure out because the links she sends in the emails. The link to takes you to something called that loads a form from This is used to collect your credit card info and sign you up to a bunch of monthly charges and is not used to “verify you are over 18 and complete dating security verification“. There is no such thing as dateing “verification” so that is a dead give away. There is another link sent later,, and that redirects to This is also a big clue to what this Jennifer Smith is all about. When you get emails from women that send you to fake or scammy websites then you can rest assured that you aren’t missing anything and can delete the emails. Just because these scammers are out there doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of legitimate and very good hookup sites out there where you CAN get laid. You just have to know how to find them while avoiding the scammers.

When guys want to have adventure with booty hunting on Craigslist casual encounters , you ought to learn this…

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Craqigslist emails from with a link to

If you use craigslist to frind strange pussy then you’ll evetutally get some emails from a few people like It seems just like whaqt you are looking for when she says, “just need someone who can make my toes curl”, but she has a few secrets that you need to know. First, she doesn’t exist and is just a scammer. Second, the link to isn’t what it looks like at first. The page has a form that you are supposed to fill out that is served from After you send it in, you;ll get a second one that asks for your credit card info. You’ll be sigend up for monthly charges that are almost inmpossible to cancel and there is no girl there waiting for you. These “verification” scams are very comon when hunting booty online so be carefull to never give out your credit card info except for legitimated and trusted dating adult sites or you’ll wind up in trouble. At least you know about that now.

If ever you want to have adventure with booty hunting online for sure you ought to know about this stuff…

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Sarah Danielle,,

Kayla J at datingverificationsystems sure seems to be one incredible craigslist slut but she has some secrets too. The most important secret is that she doesn’t exist and that verification junk is nothing more than a scam. Your enter your info into the form that is supplied from and then you’ll get charged $38.68 a month just to find out that the only other people there are guys like you looking for “Kayla”.

Tons of the erotic ladies on dating ads and places like backpages are scammers trying to screw horny men and trick them out of lots of thier $$$. Rarely are any of the posts are actual women searching for a man. That’s how men know to also use better methods for gettin sexy women on the web. We know of gobs of fake hookup sites everywhere that turn out to be junk that you want to stay clear of. Most guys know about the trusted casual sex places are found online. Every day we see many more spammy ads posted to Clist personals plus many new spam filled adult dating sites launched on to the web. Stay away from that type of crap if you can and stick with any of these legitimate online dating”online hook up sites and you will have much more sex.

As you can see, there is hardly anything to datingverificationsystems website and it’s a total fake:

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subject: Fuck my pussy full of cum

A reply back that is readable and makes sense lol. I may faint lol. You wouldn’t even believe the crazy pictures I am getting of guys junk lol i wasnt really looking for anything too serious.. ;) just looking for fun. ill attach a pic! if u wanna meet let me know..

I am sending this off my phone so I am having a hard time seeing if it is going through or not. It keeps giving me an error!


-Sent from my iPhone



subject: Fuck my pussy full of cum

Well, thanks for replying. Here is 2 more for you. I hope you are real and not just messing with me….as you can see I am not shy at all. I will tell you though I am getting a little freaked out with some of these weirdos that are contacting me. I decided to make a profile to keep all my info on. I am not just gonna give out all my info just like that anymore or on personal ads because I have been hearing some crazy stories from my girlfriends and not to mention some of the things these guys say to me. Its one thing to be sexy and get a little dirty, and its another to be just gross. and scare me. I am looking to meet and have fun but I still need to be safe and so do you.. Heres my profile. All my info is on there, text me when you get my number though because I always keep my phone on me and I hate email. but if you get lazy you can just shoot me your profile link or add me as a friend on there and let me know who is hosting, me or you?


gikonn 030.jpg

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This one of the emails you will end up getting is you mess around on craigslist trying to find some pussy. Naturally, you wonder of these type of emails are real or not. They are totally fake scams that try to take your moaney.

Almost all of the sexual women on Craigslist dating personals and places like that are con artists hussling to trick people and get too much of thier credit cards. Rarely are any of them wind up as true females trying to find guys to fuck. This is how guys know to use some more ways for gettin sexy women on the web. we have noticed gobs of junky hookup applications on the internet are just tricks that you want to never click on. Most guys know about the true adult dating places can be found online. All the time there are more and more spammy profiles uploaded to craigs list dating personals in addition to several fresh spam filled casual sex web sites created on the internet. Avoid that bunk if you can and join up with these very successful dating applications and you’ll have much better results.

from: Alexa Green
subject: naughty craigslist fuck slut

Well hello again, I am very interested in getting together

Why don’t you call me and we can arrange something.

Im sorry but I can’t really just put my cell number in some email, I dont really feel comfortable doing that.

Can u please get on this maturity test site checker site ( and you will have my cell number and text or gimme a call.

I have a couple cute pictures of me on there as well. I just need to be safe about meeting someone online.


from: Karol Fetterhoff
subject: naughty craigslist fuck slut

Hello again, I am really interested in meeting up with you

Why dont ya give me a call and we can setup a meet.

I am sorry but I cannot just put my cell # in some e-mail, I don’t really feel safe doing that.
Would u plz use this creep checker site this page and you’ll have my cell number and then text or gimme a call.

I’ve got a few cute pictures of me on there too. I just want to be safe about this.

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Madison Olivia,,

Wow, the folks that are affiliated with have a new look at The emails are typical, “hey I am horny but wanna be safe, enter credit card to get my phone number”, type of verification scams so watch out.

Most of the erotic females on Clist hook up personals are con artists trying to scam folks and get lots of thier money. Very little of them in fact are real ladies wanting real guys. This is why you should know to rely on other ways used for getting horny women online. we have noticed many junky hookup places all over the internet that are fakes you would want to never click on. We can find these trusted hook up sites can be found online. Every time you look we see more and more fake ads uploaded to hook up personals in addition to plenty of new spam filled dating places made on the web. Steer clear of those sorts of crap as best as you can and join up with any of these trusted internet dating websites and you will have much more sex.

from: Madison Olivia
subject: Re: The Start of Something Beautiful – w4m (philadelp?hia )

heya how are u? hey im not being in a rush but do u think u can see me this evening? im really having a tough week and could really use some…. stress relief. im not gonna front, i culd use some gas money. Just like forty or sixty dollars, i swear i will make it worth ur time lol Olivia Sent from my iPod


Madison Olivia,,

Madison Olivia,,


Madison Olivia,,

Madison Olivia,,


from: Madison Olivia
subject: Re: The Start of Something Beautiful – w4m (philadelp?hia )

Ive jus had a lot of men playing around wit me this week and pretending to be sincere and then i would go to his house and screw them or whatever and then theyd laugh at me and sometimes even hit me. I dont feel as safe as i used to be and now i try to see a guys verified profile first. Can you go to and make a profile for me? If you do i will send you my phone number fast, as i said, i truly want the gas. But i have to be safe 2!!! Just make it to get my number & more pic… Olivia Sent from my iPhod


Madison Olivia,,

Madison Olivia,,


Madison Olivia,,

Madison Olivia,,

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