I sent him my pics and phone number and he posted them up on his myspace.

A promoter for smartdate.com and www.true.com sends us a message pretending like someone who wants to talk in the phone about a leak in her room. The pics attached are pretty crappy too…

from: Seitz Harnage <seitzo@hotmail.com>
to: you
subject: of a junk post on craigslist.

hello! how's today going, im a real local gurl searching for an older man to be my friend. im very friendly but also shy hence im scared. you see, i just got scammed by a freak i sent him my pics and phone number and he posted them up on his myspace so i had to change my number. very freaky stuff! :( so now i have to becareful on who can see my full pictures on my profile blog and i would like to invite u b/c i really like u.

harderblow .org

once u signup for free and log-in, u'll receive a message or chat invite from me! ill be online all day dressed up skimpy. and yes, ill give u my cell number only if u get me dripping wet by talkig to me dirty on there. hehe ttyl!

me! :)

In response to: of a junk post on craigslist.

The link actually is for http://tinyurl.com/6hutlsy forwarding you to www.pinkydatez.org. You see a page with links to pages on the www.bootifulevent.info and www.fastfeelings.info. Both of those are just places to shield smartdate.com and www.true.com from seeing that the traffic comes from spam. We do not reccomend that you visit websites that are plugged via junk emails. Many of them are just cons or scams.

UPDATE: Smartdate strikes back at spammers.

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